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J. Obakhan

President & CEO


As a business leader, tech geek, and  founder of Bynde Technologies, Jesu brings to our company over 13 years of experience in strategic business operations, performance management,  sales optimization, multi-million dollar project management & new product launch know-how.  As the company’s Chief Innovation Crusader, Jesu seeks to deliver the benefits of advanced health management diagnostic capabilities ,once only available to expensive healthcare facilities, into the hands of every individual, enabling them to take charge of their own self-health intervention.

Jesu has also established our team’s forward-looking vision towards developing advanced human-to-machine biological interface layers that will lead to new and advanced health treatment therapies.  This technology goal will advance the concept of human-to-machines connectivity from science fiction to practical application.  The end result would be an evolution in medicine where traditional chemistry-based treatments can be supplemented, or replaced, with tiny computers capable of regulating human physiological activity.

Dr. -Confidential-, PhD

Director – Data Sciences & Engineering (R&D)


Dr. -Confidential- leads our R&D efforts in the areas of predictive chronic disease development and long-term intervention outcome models for our predictive health management systems.  Dr. -Confidential- is an expert in data mining of unstructured natural language data, software engineering, data visualization, big data management, and statistical analysis.  Dr. -Confidential’s- work has been published in several scientific journals, and holds a PhD in Computer Science from Georgia State University.  Note: We will reveal the full identity of this role once contractual agreements have been finalized.

Srikumar Krishnamoorthy

Product Development Engineer


Srikumar (Sri) joins our team with an R&D background in Biomedical Engineering.  Applying Mechanical Engineering methodologies to create solutions in the medical field, Sri leads our product development team efforts in the areas of materials sciences, ergonomics, and mechanical design. Sri earned his Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Texas Tech University.

Nitin Chadha

Chief Technology Officer


Leading our web & mobile systems technology development efforts, Nitin brings to the team extensive experience in managing web platform development, application development, data systems requirements scoping, and quality assurance testing for new product deployments.  Nitin has gained his experience through working for well known companies such as Asurion, Foxconn, Motorola, Cox Communications, and Avake Technologies as a software and mobile device engineer.

Mary Hansen

Chief Marketing & Brand Strategy Officer

As Chief Marketing & Brand Strategy Officer, Mary brings to our team critical product identity management & market intelligence strengths. Mary leads our brand strategy, industry positioning, market presence, and consumer product feedback analysis operations, ensuring we meet  and deliver on customer needs.  Mary holds a Masters in Marketing Sciences.

Christiana Obafunwa

Chief Information Officer

As CIO, Christiana brings to our team extensive background as a Sr. Software Engineer & I.T. Project Manager for energy companies such as National OilWell Varco and Rig Data.  Christiana’s efforts focus mainly on development and implementation of efficient data sharing models supporting several internal and external applications that provide aggregate data to our Super Compute Cloud engine. Christiana holds a B.S. in Management Information Systems and a minor in Computer Sciences from the University of Louisiana Lafayette , an MBA from the University of Houston , and a Masters in Management Information Systems from the University of Houston Clearlake.

Rodrique Nelson

Chief Health Systems Officer

As Chief Health Systems officer, Rodrique leads development and ongoing management of our M-health Suggestive Action System (SAS), and human diagnostics platform.  Rodrique also manages the development and implementation of measurements and standards, used to provide accurate and individualized reports detailing your body’s physiological performance and daily environmental impacts.  Rodrique has been in the health care industry nearly 10 years, and holds a Masters in Anesthesiology as a licensed CRNA.

Kevin McKinnon

Chief Financial Officer

Leading our long-term financial strategy, Kevin focuses on ensuring our products meet affordability requirements, making our preventive health system financially within reach to all, through direct purchase, or subsidized insurance programs.  Kevin also manages operations behind ensuring the financial health of our company, and that our strategic direction provides equity for our investors, while developing products that meet the needs of people who rely on them.  Kevin holds a Masters in Business Administration, and a Bachelors in Marketing.          

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