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Atlanta StartUp Seeks Fundamental Change In Healthcare Industry

We believe that the most effective preventive healthcare strategy starts with the individual.  By empowering people with easy access to information, and suggestive action on how to best utilize it, we make a healthy lifestyle easy to manage, and help prevent life threatening events before they occur.


As an Atlanta start-up company, Bynde Technologies was founded in 2010 with a mission to create human solutions that utilize technology through advanced human interface devices.  As our initial step into the mobile health monitoring product development world, Bynde Technologies is developing an out-of-the-box system to help individuals manage personal preventive healthcare.  Not only have health insurance costs increased over 113% within the last decade, but so has the cost of diagnostic procedures.  According to a 2009 Thompson Reuters report on medical waste, nearly $850 billion in estimated unnecessary costs a year were attributed to the U.S. healthcare system.  Because of this, we saw the need to create a self-managed, reward-based,  preventive healthcare platform that delivers individual strategies people can easily utilize and manage  for themselves, and provide actionable data to healthcare providers without the burden of expensive, and sometimes unnecessary diagnostic procedures.

Our CDHM platform combines using advanced biosense technology, with cutting edge software designed to to read, interpret, and generate suggestive action reports based on each individual users biological profile. With Bynde-Life, people now have insight into information once only available through expensive healthcare facilities. With good data, people make better individual healthcare decisions, develop healthy habits, and can prevent life altering health events before they occur.  Bynde-Life fills the gap between having good data, and good decision making.


Bynde technologies has a focus towards developing the next generation of biological to machine interface technology. Our current research efforts focus on obtaining patents for a human to machine interface layer that facilitates conversion of biological signals to machine language.  Today, the most advanced interface technology focuses on a key principle that makes talking to machines possible, INTERPRETATION.  Just as gesture based technology interprets motion with devices such as Microsoft’s Kinect system, Bynde has a long-term foucus towards building a machine language based on the interpretation of biological SIGNALS.  We believe that higher interpretation of biological signals will one day revolutionize medicine, making it possible to develop tiny machines capable of regulating human autonomic functions.  This would not simply change medicine, but it would also create an entirely new branch of non drug-based treatments capable of achieving 100% effectiveness in any human patient.

Stay tuned, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook as we work towards launching our first product, the Bynde-Life Biosense Band, in early 2013.

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Biotech Newcomer

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